Business owners are able to check transactions and manage their clients on mobile devices


Sasula provides very secure processes through each transaction process.

Business Management System

It provides detailed and accurate statistics on the standings of the business.


It provides a well designed report criteria for Business owners and payment channels.



  • Comprehensive Business information management system.
  • Realtime transaction view as payments are made
  • Powerful reporting and business intelligence module
  • Realtime reconciliation between clients, banks and Businesses
  • Monitor and manage your business stock using the system
  • No need to maintain multiple business collection accounts with payment providers
  • Central place to manage Payments


  • Payment process made easy. The unique payment reference number is all that is required
  • Flexible! Pay from any of our partner payment channels; banks and mobile!
  • Monitor your outstanding invoices, and transaction history using the mobile app
  • Create new clients and generate new invoices for the clients using the mobile app or web app
  • Payment confirmation by SMS

Banks & Payment Channels

  • No errors. Clients information validation prior to payment processing.
  • Realtime reconciliation with the Businesses
  • More usage and traffic, more revenues! Receive payments for any of our participating Businesses
  • Save time! No queues.